The perfect gift for diamonds are Forever, tiny diamond

  • September 28, 2021

Posted December 09, 2018 11:12:55When it comes to diamonds, the ultimate collectible is still hard to find.

But one small gem that is now available is a diamond that is just slightly larger than your hand.

The tiny diamond is currently valued at $10,000 and is available for purchase on eBay for $20.

A gemologist in Singapore, called Shoaib Sajid, created the tiny diamond.

This small gem is only the second gem that has been made by the jeweler himself.

According to a press release from the jewelers website, the tiny gem is a special version of the famous diamond.

Sajid said that he had already tried to sell the tiny stone to a diamond dealer, but he was turned down because he didn’t have the funds to pay for the diamond.

The jeweler is hoping that the tiny jewel will eventually be worth more than the diamond itself.

The tiny diamond has a diameter of 0.6mm and is made from a gem called rubies.

Rubies are a pure gold alloy with a diameter around 0.9mm.

They are known for their unique light-emitting properties.

“The tiny gem was created by a jeweler who wanted to be able to display the gems in a way that would make it easy to sell them,” Sajad said.

Sampat said that the jewel’s creator had also planned to sell it to a jeweller in Australia, but the auction ended up being postponed.

“We would love to have it sold to the public in the future, but sadly, we can’t,” he said.

He added that the small gem was also available for sale through an online auction site.

This tiny gem has a tiny diameter of just 0.1mm and has a gem named Rubies in the name.

Rubs are a gem that have a diameter about 0.3mm.

It’s the second jewel made by jeweler Shoaisaj, who has also created the 1.2mm small diamond.

Sampatt said that although the tiny diamonds are tiny, they are still quite expensive.

While there are many different sizes of gems, Rubies is one of the most valuable gems, according to Shoaisa.

Diamonds are valued at over $1 billion each.


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