Cullinan Diamonds ‘Diamond Head Band’ on sale for $6,000

  • October 20, 2021

Cashmere Cat and Cullinacare are offering a pair of “Diamond Head” earrings for just $6 each.

The Cullinans have been a staple in the music industry for years and are renowned for their unique earrings, which have become an essential piece of fashion for young women.

The neckline is inspired by the Cullinancas famous tailpiece, while the earrings have a diamond headband.

There is a $250 value on the item, and the Cullins website promises that the item is guaranteed for life. 

Cullinans Earrings – The Cullinanas Earrings are available for purchase on their website for $2,000.

You can also buy them at their store on the night of the Cullinas show, which is on Sunday November 6. 

The Cullins’ show is the first in the brand’s new era and they will be celebrating with a brand new tour in 2018. 

Read moreCullingan Diamond Head Band – Cullinane Diamond HeadBand – Cullnans Diamond Head – Culland Diamond Head- 

How to get rid of your bad behaviour on social media

  • June 20, 2021

If you’re having trouble controlling your behaviour online, it may be time to rethink your social media presence.

According to research by social media experts at Oxford University, your behaviour can be a lot more damaging than you realise.

“If we can remove the effects of social media, then the real work will be in the real world,” Dr Matthew Wright, the Director of Oxford’s Centre for Applied Social Media, told News24.

“When people get together on Facebook, they’ll share stories and photos and messages, but the way they share those images and stories is really the same.”

The real difference is the content, and the way that they share their stories, which are more violent and abusive.

“You have to have a way of removing the emotional, the emotional impact.”

In other words, social media is a powerful tool that can be used to create real consequences, and we can’t just sit back and take them.

“We need to be able to intervene to stop people from doing the bad things they are doing,” Dr Wright said.

“For example, if people are posting abusive or threatening comments online, you have to be part of the solution.”

The research is the first to suggest the impact of online behaviour can have an immediate impact on our mental health, Dr Wright says.

“I think there is a lot of good that comes out of social engagement,” he said.

“I find that the positive aspects of social interaction are a lot less harmful than the negative aspects, but you still have to take some of the positives.”

To learn more about the research, or to apply for a free trial, visit


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