What the Diamonds Want for Christmas: New jewelry to be unveiled at Diamonds wedding

  • August 19, 2021

Diamonds bracelets and jewelry will be unveiled during the wedding of Kate and Gerry Miller in New York City on Dec. 13, the day before the Diamond Awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

The bracelets, which will be sold in New Jersey and Delaware, will be made in the same style as the Diamond bracelets from the past two years.

Kate Miller, the couple’s daughter, will wear the diamond jewelry on the occasion.

In December, Kate and her husband, Gerry, announced they were giving their daughter the chance to wear a diamond bracelet in celebration of the couple, whom they called the “most beautiful couple in the world.”

The bracelet, made by the New Jersey-based jewelry company Diamonds, was designed to be worn by Kate Miller and Gerry in their wedding ceremony.

The design will also be worn during the Diamond Award ceremony.

The Diamonds bridal band will include an 18k yellow gold color with a diamond at the base.

The bracelet will be on display at the wedding and will be available at retailers in New England.

Diamonds jewelry and accessories will be showcased at the New York ceremony.

Kate and the Millers have also been showing off their engagement ring in a wedding photo.


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