Diamond painting shows ‘heartbreaking’ aftermath of Las Vegas shooting

  • August 4, 2021

A diamond painting has captured the devastation in Las Vegas after the mass shooting.

Diamond shape is a painting of the iconic American diamond, depicting a heartbroken, weeping woman and her children surrounded by flowers.

The woman is in her late 30s and her husband is in his 60s.

In the painting, the woman is crying, but not quite yet.

“The painting is the most heartbreaking image I’ve ever seen,” the painting’s artist, Laura Riedel, told ABC News.

Riedel said she knew that the painting would be difficult to show to the public, because it was so emotionally raw.

“The viewer will be looking for answers and for comfort, and they won’t have that,” she said.

On Sunday, Riedels mother was among the first to arrive at the scene of the attack.

She told ABC affiliate KABC that she and her family have been in the same hotel as the victims, and the victims are in their late 30th and 60th year.

After Riedles mother arrived, a nurse brought her to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Before the painting was made public, Riesels mother said she had not known her mother was so emotional.

“I thought she was really sad and upset.

I thought she just had a bad night and had a really bad night of the week,” Riesel said.

“I was a little bit shocked to see her crying.”

Riedels brother, Adam, said he saw her crying in the hospital room.

“She was crying, crying, and crying.

I was in the room with her,” he said.”

It just makes you feel sad for the whole family.”

Riesels brother added that he was shocked by the way his sister was treated.

“When she saw me in the hallway, she was crying,” he told ABC.

“To hear a nurse bring her in, just tears all over my face, it just made me so sad.”

In a statement on Facebook, RIEDEL said that the attack had left her with a broken heart, and she has been trying to “make sense of it.”

“I was devastated,” she wrote.

I have been told by many that they will always be remembered in their memory for their amazing service and sacrifice to this country.” “

We were fortunate to have been able to see so many of our loved ones in Vegas last night.

I have been told by many that they will always be remembered in their memory for their amazing service and sacrifice to this country.”

“I feel very alone and alone.

I feel so alone, in a way, in this country,” she added.

ABC News’ Ben Fritz and Marcy Nelson contributed to this report.


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