Diamond solitaire nail polish with acrylic paint and diamond-shaped diamond

  • July 30, 2021

A jeweler has created a diamond-themed nail polish called Diamond Solitaire, an online store that will go on sale in April.

It has an “inspired” look to it, with a large diamond embedded into the design of the bottle and the word “solitaire” on the back.

The bottle is made with acrylic acrylic paint, which is used to create the diamonds.

It’s available in two different colors, gold and white.

The jewelry shop, Diamond Sol, has been making jewelry in the UK for almost a decade.

“I’ve been making nail polish for a long time, and this is the first time I’m making it exclusively in the United States,” co-founder and owner, Anna Molnar, told Business Insider.

The company also sells nail art, jewelry, and other items.

The idea for Diamond Sol came from Molnars daughter, who was always into jewelry and wanted to get into jewelry, she said.

“It’s a very exciting time in the world, and so we decided to put our heart and soul into it,” she added.

The diamond-inspired polish has the word, “solitario” painted onto the bottle.

The shop’s website also has a video that features a couple of the designs, including one of a diamond that has a triangular shape and a diamond ring.

Molnarov said she hopes to have more products in the pipeline and hopes to see the sales increase.

“We want to build the demand for it,” Molnaren said.

The first two pieces of the jewelry were sold out in just 24 hours, and the third was only sold out two days later.

The nail polish also has plans for an online shop in the near future.

“Right now, we have a couple more pieces that are coming in,” Molanaren said, “and I think that will increase the demand.”

She said they have plans to sell jewelry on the site, and it would be possible to buy a few items at once.

“People love to buy things online,” she said, but “it can take up to a week for a customer to be able to place a purchase.”

There are several other nail polish designs available on the internet.

There are a couple other nail art designs that are made with a similar idea, including a diamond in a diamond pattern, but Molnari said they’ve only sold a couple hundred.

“These designs were very expensive, but they were very popular.

People wanted to do them,” she explained.

Mowar, of course, has her own nail art shop, but that business is still going strong, with over 2,500 pieces in its catalog.

“My biggest regret is that people don’t like to buy my nail art,” she told Business News Daily.

“If people were really patient, they could buy it, and then when they get back, they can put it in their collection.”

The nail art was inspired by an episode of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, in which King Triton was given the task of creating a “solider’s diamond.”

Molnaran and her husband created a set of nails with the diamond-patterns.

Mowsar is the co-owner of the Jewelry Bar, a jewelry store in downtown Toronto that sells both diamond and acrylic nail art.

“For us, it was a lot of fun,” Mowars husband, Matt Molnarr, told BNN.

“When you think about the jewelry that you have, what is it that is in it that’s going to give you the best results?”

Molnarnar said she started making jewelry with acrylic nails and jewelry while she was studying art at the University of Toronto, and has been producing jewelry ever since.

She said that she’s had people come in and tell her that they wanted to buy the nail art or jewelry.

Momanar said that they hope to eventually sell nail art as well.

“The idea of the nail paint is something that we’ve never done before,” she continued.

“So it’s a really fun thing to do, and we’re really excited to be doing it.”


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