Why do diamond rings look like dustin diamonds?

  • July 13, 2021

Diamond rings are actually made from pure diamond.

They are very fragile, have a limited life span and cannot be recycled.

However, they can be re-used in a wide variety of applications such as jewelry, rings and earrings. 

The only way to recycle them is to use them as a material for an implant. 

In a new study, scientists at the University of Edinburgh have demonstrated how to build such an implant in a single chip. 

They achieved this using a technology called superconducting quantum dot (SQD) superconductivity, which can be made of many small molecules. 

This quantum dot is made of atoms which are so thin that the force of an electron is not enough to bend them to form a specific shape. 

The team used this to create a chip that had a single atom with a 1.3 micrometer-wide hole at the tip, which is what allows the diamond to be reassembled. 

As the diamond grows, it becomes more and more fragile, so the team had to use a method that would allow it to be broken down to make new diamonds, or to make a second chip that could be used as a replacement for the first. 

It was the second study to demonstrate the feasibility of using this new technique. 

 Researchers have previously tried to build a superconductive diamond chip with a single layer of the material. 

However, this material was brittle and had to be cooled to a supercritical temperature before it could be made. 

“The quantum dot we used has a low density, so it’s very difficult to bend it to create diamonds,” Dr Paul Wylie, from the University’s School of Engineering, said. 

‘It’s the next frontier’The team found that they could make the diamond chip using an “optical” technique.

These were lasers that create holes in the material, which allow the diamond, when placed into the hole, to be turned into diamonds. 

Using this technique, the researchers could create the superconductic chip with just one layer of material, without any need for an additional layer of superconductors. 

Dr Wyl, who is the lead author of the paper, said: “We can now take the first step towards building an implant that’s superconducted, with no need for any other components. 

A quantum dot has a high density, but it’s not a very good material to make the nanowires, so we need to make more of it and we need it to have this new properties.” 

This work is published in Nature Nanotechnology. 

For more information:  www.nature.com/nanotechnology


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